IVON BLACKOUT Cone LED Garage lighting Black 243x484cm

  • 649.90 EUR

NEW! Our most high performance garage lighting to date. The matte black aluminum shell gives a premium feel that is second to none.

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2 års garanti
Stilrent svart aluminiumskal
Extrem ljuseffektivitet per kvadratmeter
Jämn ljusbild & minimal skuggbildning
Ger ett helt otroligt visuellt intryck
Bygger 40 mm från tak = Slimmat montage

NOVELTY! Our most high performance garage lighting to date. Matte black aluminum shell provides a premium feel that is second to none.

IVON LIGHTS Cone lighting (LED fixture) takes your garage to a whole new level, both in design and function. Our highly efficient LED fixture with a pattern similar to a pine cone provides a smoother and better light flow compared to traditional fluorescent tubes. Normal lighting has a color temperature of 3000 Kelvin, while our lighting has a color temperature of 5000 Kelvin. This gives you a warm white glow, which both keeps your body more alert and makes the white surfaces in the garage really appear white. The size is fully adjustable and the loop can easily be both shortened and lengthened without problems (see separate spare parts). If you want to add both appearance and function to your garage, combined with a real WOW feeling, this is the product for you.

This particular package is sized for a 1-car garage (2.43 x 4.84m = 11.76 sqm). If you have a two-car garage, we recommend that you buy two packages.


- Material: Aluminum & PVC

- Size: 243 x 484 cm = 11.76 sq m (can be easily rebuilt)

- Voltage: AC 230V

- Number of watts: 550W

- Brightness: 68,640 lumens

- Color temperature: 5000K (Warm white)

- Warranty against manufacturing defects: 2 years

- Lifespan: 50,000 hours

- IP rating: IP20

- Dimmable: No

- Mounting height: Max 280 cm from floor for optimal effect

- Connected by: Qualified electrician


- 12x LED bars Blackout (117 cm)

- 60x LED sticks Blackout (44 cm)

- 8x T-Coupling

- 8x Straight Coupling

- 13x L-Coupling

- 20x X-Coupling

- 2x Connection cable Blackout (4m long)